Role: Graphic Artist

ITIL - Tech Analyst (Service Design), User Interface Designer

Role Sets: OKDHS Roles
Main Description

The Graphic Artist role is a position that requires the ability to take wire frames and translate them into branded designs for both web and software application interfaces. The role also requires understanding of basic usability on the web and software screens; placement of buttons, calls to action, forms, errors, and warnings. The Graphic Artist will be responsible for; working with the software development team to design the user interfaces; following branding standards and OKDHS style guides; and provide graphic support as needed to software teams for existing software.

  • User interface design requires a good understanding of user needs
  • In depth understanding of brand identity and identity elements
  • Work effectively in a team environment
  • Understand development objectives
  • Detail oriented
Assignment Approaches

A person performing this role should have a thorough understanding of production and rendering methods. Some of the technologies and methods of production are drawing, offset printing, photography, and time-based and interactive media (film, video, computer multimedia).


ITIL - Tech Analyst (Service Design), User Interface Designer

Key Considerations

This role will work closely with the Application Designer.